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Cleansing Puff(Konjac Sponge)

Mannan is the main substance of Konjac. Konjac mannan has dietary fiber function, which is making digestive organ clean, like vegetables or grain fiber. Konjac puff is started from the frozen one and it became like air is inside by dividing the mannan and the water. Frozen Konjac remains sponge structure, where the water is out. Remained structure is stronger several times than original Konjac. When you rub this remained Konjac, which became so soft after soaking in the water for several minutes, to the human skin, it is so soft to human skin that it will shine after rubbing to baby or sensitive female skin.

Vegetable Konjac Cleansing puff is loved as a bathing sponge for babies for long time in Japan. It is needed product to care the abrasive skin in the dry season. Konjac Cleansing puff is also very good as an infant bathing sponge, which make face smooth, when washing face. It is 100% alkalescence, which has good water retention and optimum product for sensitive skin.

Since the product is a freeze-drying type, there's no synthetic preservatives and antiseptic added at all.

· freeze-drying type
· No synthetic preservatives, antiseptic
· Made from pure vegetable fiber, deep cleansing is good!!
· Good for sensitive skin
· Good moisturizing continuance after cleansing
· Weak alkaline is good
· Clean is good ! Hygiene as it can be boiled!
· Bubble is good

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