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Manufacturing Specialties

We developed the digital printing method allowing for mass production for the first time in the industry, Tears in Heaven has obtained the patent in Korea and is currently applying for international patents. This technology enables buyers to materialize their desired designs on various sandpapers. Minimized order quantity helps reduce burdens on buyers. The sandpaper produced using static electricity makes it possible for the products to have excellent quality with maximized grinding force.

Glass nail shiner product made by a semiconductor process is a multi tools that can trim the nail within short time. Also it is a semipermanent product that customers can clean easily.

The Konjac puff for cleansing made from 100% vegetable can be used safely. There's no synthetic preservatives and antiseptic added at all because it is a freeze-drying type's products.

Make up 3D puff is easy to use and we can produce many kinds of shape.