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CEO Greeting

Tears in Heaven has steadily provided the market with the products more appealing to buyers and consumers by adding various designs to the existing simple nail care products.

Based on such nail care products, Tears in Heaven has been developing beauty & personal care products and exporting its products to famous brands in the U.S and is further expanding its sales to Europe etc as well as Korea.

Targeting wholesaler and retailer as well as experts, its products are receiving good responses from buyers and consumers.

KOREA 2003
Scale of Plant
KOREA Plant 1,000sqm CHINA Plant 8,000sqm
Main product
Nail Fil / Nail Shinr & buffer / Foot Smoother / Konjac clansing puff / Make up puff ETC.
Scoop of business
OEM / ODM / Brand distribution
Main Markt
North America, Europe, Japan and Korea
Own brand
Tears in Heaven