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Professional Nail File

It is the products of Maximized grinding power by using top class sandpapers which can be used in salons and in private educational institutes, it is for experts and is the product emphasized on best grinding power without using unnecessary design printing and accessories.

Materials Abrasive Paper
PS Sheet
EVA Form
Coating Electronic coated
Size(Standard) 178 x 120 x 3(mm)
Professional Nail File Back
Professional Nail File White
Professional Nail File Zebra
NO Names of goods Model
1 Black Standard THPFS-001
2 Black Jumbo THPFJ-001
3 Black Pentagon THPFP-001
4 Black Oval THPFO-001
5 Black Halfmoon THPFH-001
6 Black Bottle THPFB-001
7 White Standard THPFS-002
8 White Jumbo THPFJ-002
9 White Pentagon THPFP-002
10 White Oval THPFO-002
11 White Halfmoon THPFH-002
12 White Bottle THPFB-002
13 Zebra Standard THPFS-003
14 Zebra Jumbo THPFJ-003
15 Zebra Pentagon THPFP-003
16 Zebra Oval THPFO-003
17 Zebra Halfmoon THPFH-003
18 Zebra Bottle THPFB-003